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Resolved Trauma is a great gift – Return to the natural world of the body and reconnect to the sense of being sensually fully alive.

Heal the Past – Trust the Future

While we can certainly be blessed with good times – wonderful times in fact, we can also find our lives rocked by the darkness of grief, trauma, stress and overwhelm.

While some traumas can get easier with time, others stay with us, consuming our every thought and in some cases, become the filter we see our life through. This trauma is much harder to overcome.

You may have found this through your own journey, trying numerous techniques and therapies but never having the ‘breakthrough’ you really want and need.

And now you are here, searching for something different, unconventional – anything in fact that will help you get to the point of feeling like yourself and not just your shadow.

I know because I was once there too.

Devi KuebliTherapist

How we can work together?

Knowing that every person and their need is different, I like to be flexible in how we work together, so you can, at all times, feel comfortable, secure and simply be yourself.

To start your journey to emotional healing, we work together through your one-on-one, couple or group sessions using a unique blend of modern day psychotherapy, body oriented techniques like Somatic Experiencing®, deep wisdom, mind full meditation and essence inquiries.

You have the option to do this face-to-face at my practice located in the hinterland of Byron Bay, or via Skype where I work with clients across Australia as well as in Switzerland, Finland, Germany, England, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Canada and America.

Please don’t keep living in the darkness of your grief, trauma or overwhelm. Let’s work together to give you the healing you need to move on. Email me today on devi@devikuebli.com.

Meet Devi Kuebli

I’m Devi, a body oriented psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, facilitator and Somatic Experience Practitioner® and over the last 20 years I have become an expert in supporting hundreds of people to heal emotional pain, PTSD and other trauma related conditions – but before all of it I experienced the effects of trauma just like you.

After traumatic events in my childhood one of them being hospitalised and away from my mother as a baby. I carried a lot of emotional pain – later in my life it consumed me, I had difficulties to bond to my partner and trust love. I tried every possible conventional therapy and technique but nothing seemed to help. That is when I turned to the unconventional methods of body oriented somatic psychotherapies.

My work studies include, yet not limited to, Psychology, Pedagogy, Holistic Counselling, Somatic Experiencing®, Attachment Theory, Neurobiology, Body Based Character Analysis, Breath Work Bio-Energy, Co-Dependency in Relationship, Inner Child Work, Voice Dialogue, Enneagram, Diamond Logos Essence Work, Meditation, and Mindfulness. I finally received the healing I was so desperately searching for only when I included Somatic Experiencing® and body oriented psychotherapy to my search.

This exploration was life changing for me. The panic of abandonment and neglect shifted into a relaxed sense of confidence about who I am and I was able for the first time to feel an embodied sense of empowerment, solidity, relaxation and strength in my body, mind and being.

Needless to say, this became the inspiration for becoming a holistic counsellor, a psychotherapist and a passionate Somatic Experience Practitioner® at a time when no one else in Australia knew about this profound method.

It’s also the reason for why, now 20 years on, I encourage, support and create a very safe space for people just like you so you too can get the healing you need and deserve.

Regardless of your background, trauma or circumstances, my life mission is to help you liberate yourself from the emotional pain and unresolved trauma that compromises your relationships, work, life purpose, family, sexuality and spiritual wellbeing.

My work today are mainly shaped by Peter Levine PhD, Psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, Neuroscientist Dan J. Siegel M.D., Relationship expert Sue Johnson’s EFT and the Diamond Essence Work, M. Faisal & A.H. Almaas who also teaches the Enneagram.

What People Say

I just want to take this chance to thank you so much for your commitment in looking after me over the last few years and your huge amount of sensitivity, care and support. I feel very blessed to have found someone like you in my journey of healing!! It feels inadequate,
but I thank you always and thank you very very much.
Robyn R., Brisbane QLD
She has the amazing gift as a therapist to tailor each session for ones needs into the somatic experience, Devi was always there to hold me, and I always felt in very safe hands in each session we had. I can’t express enough how powerful the somatic work was to change my life and Devi’s work is so beautiful and profound I can’t recommend her high enough.
Agnes Dubost, 44 Full time Mum
I thought I had worked through all my childhood stuff. I haven’t realised that my body didn’t release the trauma it was holding from that time. Devi helped me work with my issues using SE and since then the relationship to myself and to my partner changed. I can now allow deep and nurturing intimacy again.
Ruth Timber, 47 Byron Bay, NSW

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