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What is the Enneagram or the so called ‘nine faces of god’? Want to understand more?

One on One teaching with Devi

The Enneagram is our oldest typology system. It originated in the ancient brotherhood of Sufi sects and was brought to the west by the Armenian philosopher George I. Gurdjieff early last century. Since that time there has been much development of the system into most comprehensive character typology.

The Enneagram is the most sophisticated typological tool in psychology. It describes character structure based on qualities and core motivation rather than simply behaviour.

Each of these nine patterns are based on a particular perceptual filter that determine our worldview. Each of the nine patterns has a belief about what you need in life for survival and satisfaction.

The Enneagram is a powerful and profound personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.

The teaching of the Enneagram provides us with a broader perspective on our lives and to use these insights as a basis for personal growth and transformation, also a very powerful tool when working with people.

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