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Devi is a gifted, intuitive, highly-skilled practitioner and my Somatic Experiencing sessions with her always shift the issue I came for.
I usually leave feeling considerably lighter and this translates into an ongoing ease and a shift in my day-to-day functioning toward being more confident to be myself and to deal with the issues with which life presents me. Having participated in many forms of therapy for issues arising from my childhood sexual abuse and otherwise dysfunctional family over many years, Somatic Experiencing with Devi is now my favourite!
Trish Reynolds, Oncologist & Editor 66
I just want to take this chance to thank you so much for your commitment in looking after me over the last few years and your huge amount of sensitivity, care and support. I feel very blessed to have found someone like you in my journey of healing!! It feels inadequate, but I thank you always and thank you very very much.
Robyn R., Brisbane QL
I came to see Devi at a very challenging time in my life. Having gone through two major brain surgeries, I was mentally and physically exhausted and I did not know how to overcome the two traumas of my surgery, along with the other little traumas from my childhood. My psychologist, Alice Robertson, recommended Devi’s work and I decided to embrace the somatic psychotherapy wholeheartedly from session 1 with no specific agenda as to when this work would end. From the start I felt extremely nurtured by Devi’s warm voice. She has created a beautiful safe and warm place in her home where I was able to completely let go and just embrace whatever came from each session. Devi guided and supported me with a lot of integrity in what she said and did. She always gave me the right amount of information which I was able to hear and then digest after each session. I got much more than I ever thought I would with the somatic work. First of all, I have slowly rebuilt the ground that was stripped away from my traumas and I have slowly regained the strength to find a new purpose in my life. What is new is a sense of lightness in my body and I am more attuned to my own body, which I took for granted for so long. After 20+ sessions with Devi, I got to understand the connection between body, mind, spirit and also the habitual patterns I have developed since my childhood to protect myself and survive as an adult. I had to face my deepest wounds and I realised that my anxiety is part of who I am. The somatic experience has allowed me to understand how to live with this in a more peaceful way. Devi is extremely professional and very passionate to heal. She has the amazing gift as a therapist to tailor each session for ones needs into the somatic experience, Devi was always there to hold me, and I always felt in very safe hands in each session we had. I can’t express enough how powerful the somatic work was to change my life and Devi’s work is so beautiful and profound I can’t recommend her high enough.
Agnes Dubost, 44 Full time mum
Dear Devi, you are a most beautiful rock in my life!
A.R., 43 Melbourne
When I got back home today and was sitting back with a cup of tea, I felt my body down regulating even further. I receive so much from those sessions with you; the work feels like its sinking deeper and deeper enriching every cell. Today I felt deeply moved and in a way unearthed in sensitive places yet at the same time so supported.
I thought I had worked through all my childhood stuff. I haven’t realised that my body didn’t release the trauma it was holding from that time. Devi helped me work with my issues using SE and since
then the relationship to myself and to my partner changed. I can now allow deep and nurturing intimacy again.
Ruth Timber, 47 Byron Bay NSW
If I had experienced the power of this work 20 years ago, instead of feeling anxious or worried most of the time, my body, mind and spirit would have been at peace!
Mark Taylor, 61 Perth, WA
I did Psychotherapy for several years, because I was having panic attacks. But I didn’t know how much tension was held in my body.
Devi taught me how to carefully dare to encounter the terror in my system without going into panic. I felt so safe because she showed me how to restore my ground, which I lost for a long time. That’s why I was scared about everything. I experienced safety and I finally looked at what happened to me in the past without getting panicky. Now it feels as if I am in ‘one piece’.
I can’t tell how much it means to me to feel ‘normal’ again…
Tracy Morgan, 36 Darwin
It was truly inspiring for me to work with you and learn a new way of opening up to my body’s wisdom. I have been able to successfully navigate my way through many issues that previously would have been overwhelming. With Love and Gratitude
Leanne G. Brisbane
Thank you for an amazing session!
I really benefited by the work with you and found it very powerful and healing.
N.H., 39 Byron Bay NSW
I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for yesterday.
I feel so much better. All the tension and anxiety has gone and coming home and being here on my own was so much easier.
I am being with that sense of connection and trust and it is also another profound revelation.
What a shift. So grateful, Devi.
M.F., 41 Byron Bay Yoga teacher
For me to traverse the inner world of my core wounding is a very delicate matter requiring great trust in a therapist. I found in Devi a gentle and profound guidance that has allowed me to explore the residual trauma that resides in the physical body.
Her work has a far reaching effect and I find changes happening in the most subtle ways. Devi is one of the best!
M.Windsor, 67 NSW
Working with Devi has been crucial in understanding and shining light on the impact of trauma in my life.
Her compassion, clarity, strength, wisdom and intuition are all present in every session. I have never felt so safe, accepted and trusting of any therapist or counsellor.
I start to regard my self with kindness and some of the harsh self-judgements start to melt away. The patterns of self hatred begin to soften as I learn to feel myself in a very grounded way through my embodied experience. This is a great change for me, to come to a place of self acceptance and self love from within. Not just as an idea or concept but as an actual embodied experience. The change is happening within my whole system, not just at an intellectual level.
I am learning that old patterns of behaviour can be changed through a patient, gentle, self loving exploration of how trauma is embedded in my body. My body begins to learn that it’s safe to be here, safe to be alive and I begin to relax into my life.
She works from a place of deep integrity and compassion. She encourages connection with essence and spirit and at the same time her work is very grounded and practical. She is a truly gifted healer.
D. Goldstraw, 54
All your love, care and presence has allowed me to realise so much, you have shown me the way beyond what I had prayed for, you are such an exceptional being.
I am in awe, the journey we have traveled together, you holding my hand every step of the way.
I honour all of our time together and I share this in deep love of gratitude from all you have given. I truly honour all that you are and beyond……..
M.F., 41 Byron Bay Yoga teacher

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