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Devi is a body oriented psychotherapist, relationship counsellor and Somatic Experience Practitioner® with over 20 years of experience.

Understanding the so-called DISORGANIZED Attachment Style

I don’t trust you…! We’re always fighting, it’s like being at war…! I will sabotage this love so he/she will leave…! Children are born with the instinct to seek care from adults; their survival depends on it. When psychologist and researcher Dr. Mary Ainsworth, an attachment expert conducted the “Strange Situation” test, she noted how [...]

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Understanding the so-called Insecure-AVOIDANT attachment style

You’re going to get hurt in this relationship... Don’t get too involved... You’ve got to protect yourself...! The relationship between the primary caregiver and the baby can create a secure, anxious, disorganised or AVOIDANT attachment style that will form a blueprint for relationships throughout the baby’s life. Sometimes parents are largely mis-attuned, distant, or intrusive, [...]

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Understanding the so-called Anxious-AMBIVALENT attachment style

Yes-No..! Come close, don't come close..! Sounds familiar? There is a reason for this so called AMBIVALENT Attachment style. Anxious-ambivalent attachment is when the infant feels separation anxiety when separated from the caregiver and does not feel reassured when the caregiver returns to the infant. Many parents and/or caregivers are inconsistently attuned to their [...]

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Five Ways Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Can Transform Relationships

Being in a relationship is one of the greatest joys we can experience, but it can also be a lot of work when you are trying to co-exist with someone who is usually very opposite to you. Over the course of a relationship, married and defacto couples can face some big issues that can have [...]

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Why Spiritual Completeness Is The Key To True Emotional Healing

Emotional healing from a trauma in your life can take a long time. Some days may feel like you have come a long way in your healing, yet others may feel like you have made little progress at all. The key however, to making significant and long lasting steps to your true emotional healing, is [...]

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Eight Lessons In Trauma I Learnt From Bessel Van Der Kolk

Traumatic experiences can haunt us for what seems an eternity. They linger in the backs of our minds or play a prominent part of our everyday activities. It can cast a shadow over all the things we do, and make the world we live in very different to the world many others experience. Having experienced [...]

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