Why Spiritual Completeness Is The Key To True Emotional Healing

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Why Spiritual Completeness Is The Key To True Emotional Healing

Emotional healing from a trauma in your life can take a long time. Some days may feel like you have come a long way in your healing, yet others may feel like you have made little progress at all. The key however, to making significant and long lasting steps to your true emotional healing, is in achieving spiritual completeness.

Healing is more than suppressing

Emotional healing is more than simply blocking out or hiding the symptoms of the pain you experience from the trauma in your life. It is a mental activity, one that is made up of taking responsibility for yourself and making a commitment to happiness and health.

It involves letting go of bad or negative habits, behaviours, attitudes or emotions. Emotional healing means forgiving both yourself and others, and giving in to your true self.

What is this true self?

Your true self is also known as your soul. Remember a time when you felt secure, accepted, peaceful and certain. When you have that feeling, you are your true self.

This is opposed to when you feel stressed or insecure, or are being doubtful – when you have these feelings it is more your everyday self. So achieving your true emotional healing involves finding your true self, understanding who you really are, your soul, so that you can feel more calm and confident in your life.

How do you find your true self?

Finding your true self takes some practice. If it were easy, everyone would truly understand their soul and the world would be a much different place. Through a process of inquiry, presence and understanding you can discover your true nature and who you really are – your soul.

A teacher using the Diamond Approach can help guide you through the process of understanding your current reality, and then help you reveal the potential of your soul.

Achieving spiritual completeness

Based on ancient spiritual teachings and modern psychology, the Diamond Approach uses exercises such as meditation and devotional methods to support your open enquiry and discovery of your true soul. It’s when you have discovered your soul, when you truly understand that other people, places and situations cannot impact your soul, that you achieve spiritual completeness.

To find out more about your spiritual completeness, contact us now.

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