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Here you will find recommendations for books and links; resources and excellent information from sources that provide professional guidance, knowledge and healing.

Recommended Books in the field of Healing Trauma and Neuroscience:

  • The body keeps the score, Bessel van der Kolk
  • Healing Trauma, Peter A.Levine PhD
  • In an unspoken Voice, Peter A.Levine PhD
  • Freedom from Pain, Peter A.Levine PhD & Maggie Phillips
  • Sexual Healing (Transform the Sacred Wound) P.LevinePhD
  • It Won’t Hurt Forever: Guiding Your Child Through Trauma, P.Levine PhD
  • Trauma and Memory, P.LevinePhD
  • The Polyvagal Theory, Stephen W.PorgesTrauma and the body, Pat Ogden
  • Brainstorm, Daniel J.Siegel
  • Neurofeedback, Serben Fisher

Recommended books in the field of Relationship, Intimacy and Attachment:

  • Hold me tight, Dr Sue Johnson
  • Love Sense, Dr Sue Johnson
  • The power of Divine Eros, A.H.Almass
  • Transformation through Intimacy, Robert Agustus Masters PhD

Recommended books in the field of Inner Guidance and Spiritual Dimensions:

  • Soul without shame, Liberating yourself from the judge within, Byron Brown
  • Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagramm, Sandra Maitri

Recommended Links:

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